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2 males that enjoy anul sex and repeat this proces as an occasional social interaction

may be used as an insult or a verb.
Cool people: Jesus Steven and Diddy are right bum buddies.

Steven: hey diddy , wanna be bum buddies?
by Dom and matt April 07, 2006
a chinese man who consorts with multiple women, running a business in which the women sell their bodies for the profit of both themselves and the pimp.

usually dangles strands of noodles into there vaginas as payment.
Normal guy: omg look at that chinese kid! whats he doing with that noodle and that ho!?
Normal guy2: Its pretty obvious.. hes the noodle pimp in this block.

Steven: i really want to be a noodle pimp when im older
Diddy: yeh me too!
by Dom and matt April 07, 2006
The alter ego of a man named egor, usual resorts to violence while gardening. Well known by many in Czech Republic and Reading. Sits on sofas in tiny shorts.

May have a bald, shiny head.
Dom: Holy crap! Egors transformed into illegor and hes spinnig around the garden throwing puches and kicks!!

Matt: lets record it! i want to capture the sun shining off of his beautiful baldness.
by Dom and matt April 07, 2006

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