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3 definitions by Dom Todger

A male erection. Literally the union of the words wedge, meaning 'penis' and wood, meaning 'hard-on.'
We were on the dance floor grinding to "Baby Got Back" and all of a sudden he got a freaking wedgewood.
by Dom Todger May 25, 2009
The act of having vaginal sex.
Bert: What are you doing tonight?

Ernie: I think I'm going to bone china.

Bert: Fuck yeah!
by Dom Todger May 25, 2009
A girl who has just had her virginity take.
Teenage Boy: Yo Mary Poppins.

Teenage Girl 1: (crying hysterically) Leave me alone!

Teenage Girl 2: You slut. Who'd you sleep with?
by Dom Todger May 25, 2009