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4 definitions by Dom Drums

A girl who looks like she'll fulfill every sordid whim.
Used as a very simple scale:
Fuck Monkey or Sex Pixie.
Fuck Monkey: Usually in their late teens or early twenties, F.A.B. (firm and bendy).
Sex Pixie: As above, but not as obvious in their intent.
Oi! lads check out the fuck monkey at the bar. I bet she'll go around the world.
by Dom Drums March 23, 2006
124 38
A girl with a lascivious glint in her eye.
She will put out with a little work.
Used as a simple scale:
Fuck Monkey: A girl who'll fufill your every sordid whim at the drop of a hat.
Sex Pixie: as above but not as obvious in her intent.
Jessica Simpson = Sex Pixie.
Christina Aguillera = Fuck Monkey.
by Dom Drums March 23, 2006
72 18
gentlemans periodical (n) a glossy magazine, showing ladies of easy virtue in varying states of undress.
George took his favourite gentlemans periodical from his collection of bongo mags, and arranged his kleenex runway and settled down to his afternoon wank
by Dom Drums March 23, 2006
48 5
a strip of tissue paper, strategically placed to recieve your offerings after a gentlemans 10 minutes for a quick clean up.
After ten minutes of furious effort, George deposited his jism on the kleenex runway.
by Dom Drums March 23, 2006
45 29