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The urban-rap phrase to express extreme acknowledgement or seriousness of a particular issue.

Translated to general english- For real though

Used by many artists in the rap industry. Origins from Los Angeles.

You'll hear this phase used by the artist when they are extremely high on marijuana cigarettes....e.g. Smoops interlude on the Doggy style album.
Question: I am going to bang out that shorty tonight....Really Doe!

by Dolemite Jenkins June 02, 2007

A colloquial Washington DC Metro Area word meaning a random object, event or the male genitalia.

Derived from the universal word 'joint' which is commonly used in NYC and Tri-state area.

Word also used in Philadelpia Metro area as (jons)
"Are you gonna rock that Versace jonx at the Ibex club tonight?"

"You still got that Vanilla Dutch dude? Den roll that jonx up already."

"Did you peep the 'Skins game last night? That jonx was vicious yeong!"

"After she beasted my jonx last night, I kicked that ho out of the cribbo."
by Dolemite Jenkins May 25, 2007
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