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The practice of TV programme producers using one of the same small group of supporting cast actors in different programmes, because they choose "characters" rather than actors, thus there's no time wasted "getting themselves into the part" required.

These actors will play similar characters to that which they played in another recent drama, some as in period dramas, even wearing similar costumes to those they wore before.
It seems that sometimes, as soon as these people "exit stage right" in one drama, round they come again "entering stage left" in something else.

"The Magic Roundabout" is the title of a children's stop-action cartoon series. A roundabout being shown during the opening credits
In the BBC medical series "Bodies" Chrissy Farrell was seen each week as the hospital's departmental manager Vicky Hall.
A week or so after this series ended, she turned up in another BBC medical soap, "Casualty," as a patient in a ward bed, but she played her part no differently, same north-eastern accent. It was as if "Vicky Hall" had had an accident and was suffering from amnesia.
She'd been on The Magic "cast" Roundabout. "Magically," appearing as someone else almost immediately after she'd disappeared from another drama.

It happens in films, but not so frequently, an example would be Elisha Cook Jr. who played a petty small time crook in dozens of films.
by Doghouse Riley September 30, 2007
An Iffy Centre is a a walk-in primary care, nurse led facility, for minor ailments and bumps and bruises.

Prompted by the description by Andy Buck of Rotherham Primary Care Trust, as a place where people can see a nurse if they are feeling "a bit iffy."
He used the word five times when defending the spending of £12,000,000 on this new facility when interviewed by Gerry Robinson for BBC TV.
I think I'll go down to the Iffy Centre as I'm not feeling so good today.
by Doghouse Riley December 13, 2007
There are too many pathology based crime dramas on TV these days.
All the graphic scenes of body parts can provoke a feeling of nausea making some viewers like myself, forensick.
The CSI series of dramas are often too graphic and can make one feel forensick.
by Doghouse Riley March 08, 2009
Hostages made to lie together on the floor
A film or TV drama where innocent people are taken hostage say, in a bank, where the customers are made by the crooks to all lie on the floor in similar fashion to sausages in a pan. Thus a sausage situation.
by Doghouse Riley April 05, 2008
An internet "massage board" is where likeminded posters can massage the egos of each other by telling them how wonderful they are.
Sorry, I can't think of an example of massage boards but I'm sure that such behaviour goes on on a lot of message boards.
by Doghouse Riley November 25, 2007
Brown Dogger
A scruffy looking person sitting on a blanket outside a store begging for small change, accompanied as often as not, by a brown dog on the end of a piece of string.

Look at that brown dogger hassling customers!
by Doghouse Riley February 05, 2008
A "justgetme" is something, (plural "justgetmes") which a wife asks her husband to purchase on his way home from work or wherever.
These are usually small purchases like a pint of milk or a loaf of bread, but sometimes can be a few items amounting to as much as £10.
Of course, the purchaser will not see any of the cash for these purchases, whether they are for them both, or personal requisites for his other half, who I imagine assumes the funds for which come from "an imaginary source."
Darling, while you're out can you justgetme a pint of milk, oh! and I need some tights, the usual kind and some make-up removal pads and a deodorant.
by Doghouse Riley September 25, 2008

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