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Rugby playing schoolkids/University lads who seem to have an insatiable curiosity about all things involving gay sex. See rugby songs/jokes.
Rugger bugger song>

The sexual life of a camel
Is stranger than anyone thinks
At the height of the mating season,
He tries to bugger the sphinx
But the sphinx's posterior orifice
Is blocked with the sands from the Nile
Which accounts for the hump on the camel
And the sphinx's inscrutable smile

Singing Bum Titty, Bum Titty, Titty Bum
Bum Titty Bum Titty ay,
Singing Bum Titty, Bum Titty, Titty Bum
Singing Bum Titty Bum Titty ay
'Cos we're all queers together
That's why we go around in pairs
Yes we're all queers together
Excuse us while we go upstairs

Now the sexual life of a bullfrog
Is hard to comprehend
At the height of the mating season
He tries to bugger his friend
But the arse of the average bullfrog
Is filled up with mucus and slime
Which accounts for the face of the bullfrog
And why he goes BURRRRRP all the time


A biological paper from Oxford
By Harrison, Hunter and Hall
Has proven that the common hedgehog
Cannot be buggered at all
An alternative thesis from Cambridge
Has incontrovertibly shown
That comparative immunity from buggery
Is enjoyed by the hedgehog alone
by Dodgerat March 04, 2009

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