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Fake Slut Syndrome: A clinical condition characterized by repetitive verbalization of whore-like or slut-like thoughts or behavior, expressed by a female who is either very unlikely to have had or has actually never had any such experiences. FSS is common is young Indian, Northern New York and white Long Island females from the higher socio economic strata.

The syndrome follows an indolent and sometimes progressive course. It is not uncommon to see acute exacerbations of it, followed by periods of remission. In rare cases is can be followed by mental status changes, so called "FSS Dementia", where the female talks non stop about obscure and even rare forms of sexual intercourse.

Treatment is unknown at this point and further research is necessary to determine its implications in society and culture in general. Prevalence is thought by some experts to be as high as 60% in some populations like those graduating from Friends Academy and White Plains High School.
Phrases expressed by females suffering from F.S.S.:
"I'm so lucky to have you because I love big dick fucking"
"I hit my man's can-of-coke thick cock"
"I'd bang that!" of a passer by...
by Doctor in PHYLOSOPHY March 18, 2010
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