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An individial who has taken the "getting rich off the internet" thing a little too seriously. His plan is to go on to www.youtube.com and make annyoing videos that lower the IQ of those that watch it. Also, he is the only person in the world that finds his brand of entertainment amusing alhough it appears that his "career" is going absolutely nowhere. Also, he makes up words that make no sense, which is evidence of his retardation, words like "shnaker shnaw" Also, you can guess by the name that he is morbidly obese and loves to show off his manboobs.
When you look at Mr. Pregnant he apprears to be in his late 30's and he has made 20 videos within 11 months of time. What grown man has time for this. Obviously he lives in his parent's basement and has absolutely no job, no girfriend, and no life. From the looks of things he probably never will. I do agree with him on one opinion that he has: Rap music is garbage. Other than that, he is childish.
by Doctor Why May 03, 2007

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