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When the male of the homosapien species repeatedly puts off and furthermore completely absolves social time with his male and female friends because of the wishes of his master (female overlord). It should be noted from large amounts of scientific sampling if his female overlord is a graduate of Texas A&M the control seems to be near absolute. With the only means of escape being a bi-weekly cock-stamp ing of his overlord to remind her who is in charge. However our specimen never has the courage to perform the stamping, due to fear of intercourse being cut-off or extreme limiting of future activities, eating and breathing included.
Our specimen is so pussy whipped he cancels pre standing plans with long time friends and to be noted their girlfriends as well, to pursue activities on nasty oil infected beaches of the gulf coast. This is done simply by the request of his female overlord, with no thought of his friends or their significant others.
by Doctor Truth JML May 18, 2010
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