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Pronounciation: \poon schway\

The practice of strategically arranging women in different locations of a club so as to maximize your potential of getting laid. It is crucial to the success of Poon Shui make sure the women are oriented away from each other, so as not to see you macking up on all of the other babes.

b:(verb) Aligning the genitals of your sex partner in a straight line opposite a television. This permits the male to simultaneously watch his favorite show while breaking off a piece. In the sixty nine variation, the genitals are closest to the television for the same effect.
a: "Rick had so many bitches at Midnight Rodeo Saturday night that he had to Poon Shui them so he wouldn't get cock blocked."

b: "Dude, Tracy was in the mood last night but the Cubs game was on. I had to Poon Shui her so I could catch the ninth inning."
by Doctor Switch May 03, 2009
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