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From the Tagalog (Filipino) word "bundok" meaning mountain. "Boondocks" became a part of American vocabulary during the American-Philippine War, during which mountainous terrain afforded the Filipinos a position of strategic advantage in fighting for their country's independence. The boondocks served as a Filipino base of resistance while earning a word in everyday American language synonomous with "hinterlands."
During the American-Philippine War, the boondocks were highly contested terrain.
by Doctor Len October 23, 2005
From the Itaian word "venti" meaning "twenty." A Starbuck's twenty ounce coffee drink is known as a venti.
"A venti latte, please."
by Doctor Len October 23, 2005
verb: to urinate, go "number one"
Lenny went peepee behind a tree.
by Doctor Len October 23, 2005
A Chinese delicacy made from freshly caught forest porcupine.
I enjoyed squeasle and beer in a remote Chinese mountain village.
by Doctor Len October 23, 2005
Professional Engineer. See PE
Lenny is a licensed P.E.
by Doctor Len October 23, 2005

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