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The name given to a massage for females concluding with a "happy ending."
"I thought I was going in for a Swedish massage, but it turns out it was an Egyptian massage. Now I am really relaxed and all I want to do is cuddle!"

"Hey Aimee, how was the massage?"
"It was great! I paid a bit extra and upgraded to the Egyptian massage and the last 10 minutes were worth every penny!"
by Doctor Drey May 30, 2014
Heavy. Deep. Real.

Describing an emotional conversation where the participants pour their hearts out to each other.
"Hey man, where have you been?"
"Sorry, I just got real HDR with Emily; she wants us to be exclusive but I'm terrified of commitment."

"What's wrong buddy?"
"My doctor told me I have AIDS and so I had to get HDR with Emily to let her know."
by Doctor Drey January 07, 2014
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