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The act of having sex after taking a hit(or two) of Ecstasy. Apparently, it's the most pleasurable sex can get.
Sex on X is the best fuckin' sex in the world!
by Doc MC October 24, 2004
A punch to the asshole in which the ass engulfs your hand.
That bitch was pissin' me off so I gave her a turkey punch to show her who's boss.
by Doc MC October 17, 2004
Creature- Zubera Spirit from Magic: the Gathering. In the set Champions of Kamigawa. These creatures have abilites that trigger when one or multiple Zubera(s) are put into the graveyard from play. There is one Zubera for every color and they all have a power and toughness of 1/2.
Are you playing a Zubera deck?! HAHAHAHAHA
by Doc MC October 17, 2004

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