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1 definition by DoMe!!!!

The kids on top of the academic food chain. Kids who have brains that are capable to absorb and complete information ranted out by their teachers. Also, the kids who know how to sleep for approximately 2 hours a night AND stay up during the school day. These kids have tests every week and study for an average of 5 hours for one test. Sometimes, there is no homework for weeks...but the challenge to absorb all information is more daunting than completing worksheets every night. Also, these kids are much more academically competent than the kids from regular-level classes. YOu can ask an AP Bio student how one gets cancer and he/she will give you a 2 hour lecture on it. But can a regular kid do that? I don't think so.

But when it comes to social aspects, these kids are extremely varied. Some tend to keep to themselves because to them there is absolutely no other pleasure than getting 100s on the tests. Some talk to other AP kids...exclusively. While others look dumb as phunk but are actually competent in class. And some still have friends.

Sadly, these kids are expected to pay $87 per exam to take the somewhat-mandatory exam in May. Ironically, the ones who have to pay $87 dollars also spent 87 hours studying and 0 hours of sleep. $87 for th infamous test booklet? That some crazy bullshiz.

Finally, these kids EXPECT and WANT bliss, fun and ease after the AP exams. But for first year AP kids, this is still a mystery.
Dude, that AP Student don't sleep. But sure as hell he's smarter than us.
by DoMe!!!! February 06, 2010