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1 definition by Do77@ I3!77

a "cultural wasteland," as some would say, that divides the utterly ghetto folk Perry Hall, MD, from the insanely preppy and rich class of Bel Air, MD. Most "kingsvillians" consist of rich stupid stuck up snobs whose parents buy them BMWs and Mercedes's as their first car. The occasional appearance of the redneck throws off the Beverly Hills scene portrayed by the multi-million dollar houses just yards away from Bel Air Road. These "rednecks," however, are not true rednecks. They mostly attend Perry Hall High School, and have brand new Ford F-350 Trucks. Their parents make over $100,000/yr (each) and they have everything and more than Perry Hall kids (minus the occasional iPod or cell phone.) They are overly racist for the school they attend, and they wear/fly confederate flags behind their piece of shit truck. God Bless Kingsville!
God - "Kingsville is a cultural wasteland"
by Do77@ I3!77 November 20, 2005