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Bro has evolved, from a simple Californian compasionate reference from one male to another to be used presently, in communities across the world in which young men claim to be bro. Fraternity's represent bro at its finest, bangin' brohoes, proclaiming simple events as epic, and doning the signature "fauxhawk."They live and breathe in douchebaggery on a regular basis

Another signature characteristic of a Bro comes by the adding of bro to the begining of a word... if you hear a late teen or early twenties male using words such as brotality (to describe their bro mentality) brotastic (an adjective used to describe fantastic or "epic" events of one Bro) or (used to describe and incredibly pointy fauxhawk), then you likely have met a bro.

Oftentimes a bro reads and writes to websites such as, MLIB... or My Life is Bro... to define how one man's douchebag moment can be a treasure to thousands of Bro's. A true bro records the epic history of each night's passing. Stories often include how a kegstand went awry, a brohoe was roofied and gangbanged, even stories which include fauxhawks superior standing against beavertails, mullets, jewfros.
I heard Henry was so bro that the drapes match the carpet, he now has two fauxhawks.
by Do the Huisman on that Hoe December 01, 2010

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