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n. 1. A term originating in the LGBT ballroom community, meaning any male that takes hormones and/or has sexual re-assignment and live and as women and appears to be a woman daily.

2. A Transsexual
see. Ayanna Khan,Amiyah Mizrahi,Londyn Allure, Trigone Mizrahi, Barbie Mizrahi, Shauna Balenciaga, Sania Ebony

Ayanna Khan is one sickening femqueen!!!
by Do it February 18, 2008
A sick demented terrorist who straps explosives to there chest and they' re children' s chest in order to slay innocent law abiding citizens. They live in shitty desert countries yet they make they' re way into other countries to wreak havoc. They wear toilet paper on there heads because men like other men in the muslim world and when they are done fucking each other in the ass they need TP. When they cannot have anymore homosexual sex they blow up innocent people by suicide mission after being deprived of anal intercourse for so long.
Any Muslim is Scum of the earth!
by do it March 20, 2013

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