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A junglist is basically someone who loves jungle and drum n bass music. However there are many other characteristics that make someone a junglist. Junglists are ravers who like to have a good time and like to party. A junglist is a badman who is dark on the outside but inside they are caring and down to earth. It would make sense to call someone a rudeboy junglist... but not all rudeboys are junglists, they are very different. Junglists do not go about robbing people for no reason... they work hard and like to have fun. For this reason junglists should not be mistaken for the mindless pricks that go out n do that kind of thing, because anyone that does that is not a junglist. A junglist is also someone who dresses like a badman. If you see a guy at a dnb rave with the fit girl next to him, wearin a baseball cap and moschino jeans... its more than likely hes a junglist. A junglist is also someone who is intelligent with deep thoughts and opinions on life. Most junglists drink and take drugs... some people may disagree but it's a fact. I hope this definition has helped you understand what this word means. This is what I believe to be the meaning of the word junglist but this is just my own personal opinion. Easy...
I am a junglist. I love dnb. bo
by DnB Geeza November 26, 2006
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