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A gangsta wannabe way of saying sharpener.
Yo check out my new pencil shrapner
#sharpener #pencil #gangsta #wannabe #lame
by Djgodbout May 04, 2009
When you yawn and you get a painful cramp in your jaw/neck area. Sometimes it's so bad that you cannot close your mouth for a bit. It's called cocksucker's cramp because of the expression one does after yawning when he/she realizes she got a cramp it that area.
Chad : Matt yawned and his mouth stayed open for like 2 minutes.

Dan : LOL, Cock Sucker's cramp!
#cramp #cock #sucker #cocksucker #cock sucker's cramp
by djgodbout December 05, 2012
Jeffy is a term used, mostly in Ontario, to describe one who's actions have left no doubt in everyone, that he is a moron and/or just a Tard.

Do not mistake with the Name of an individual.
X: Sorry man, I spilt my beer on your bed...
Y: You Jeffy!
Crowd: JEFFY!!!
#idiot #tard #stupid #moron #douche
by Djgodbout November 30, 2010
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