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A medical condition where a man constantly arrives late because he has to find and purchase marijuana. Often witnessed by fully clothed, make-upped, perfumed
women who expected their date to arrive at 8, but don't see the sufferer until 11.
Woman 1: Dang, Ricky isn't here yet and it's already 11:30.

Woman 2: I told you girl, that boy suffers from Chronic Lateness.

Woman 1: Well at least he rolls up with weed.
#chronically late #booty call #kronic lateness #eager beaver #the time
by Dj Really Real January 30, 2010
A coma-like state of being that occurs after intense Valentine's Day sex. The daze could result from great, hot sex, or simply because your significant other generally holds out on you the rest of the year.
Man A: Whoa Bob, looks like your Valentine's Day went well.
Man B: I tell ya Jim, Sally gave me my first, best, and last blow job of the year last night, and now I'm in a Valentine's Daze!
Man A: That reminds me, I forgot to take the trash out.
#valentine #blast #blown #guilt sex #douchebag
by Dj really real February 14, 2010
To be put on blast, i.e., have your personal business exposed to others, by a person via their Facebook status.
Ricky put me on blast status last night when he posted pictures of us together on Facebook. My husband is not going to like this...

Dee put me on blast status when she updated her Facebook status to say she and I were going out dancing, after I told my man I was staying in to touch up my highlights.
#blast #blasted #blown #booty call #blasthole
by Dj really real February 13, 2010
Persons that refuse to acknowledge the superior nature of Apple devices, especially iPhones. The resulting "iFeriority Complex" manifests itself in a slew of anti-iPhone Urban Dictionary definitions, snide comments at parties, and delusional claims that Steve Jobs can't get laid. iRonically, it's often the Sour Apple that asks you to look directions up on your iPhone because it's easier, while at the same time touting the professionality of the Blackberry.
I sent an emoticon to Ricky's phone, forgetting he has a Blackberry. When it failed to show up, he gave me this long speech about how we don't need all that shizz on a phone, anyways. Different story altogether when I Shazzamed a song he liked. What an Apple Sour.
#idouche #hater #iferiority complex #iphone effect #chronic lateness
by Dj Really Real January 31, 2010
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