2 definitions by Dj Fony

a: A dj who does not spin records, but rather makes music on his/her computer.

b: Dj Fony, the "fony" dj, from Lansing, MI (the "F" makes it look cool.)
Announcer: "And now, ladies and gentleman, Dj Fony, the fony dj!"

Dj Fony: "Look, no hands!"
by Dj Fony January 09, 2012
Exceptional teamwork. The result of many people collaborating and doing something amazing.

Refers not to a mob mentality, nor an in-group mentality, but to true cooperation, with the goal of either creating great art or doing anything else that is positive.

Coined by Dj Fony of Lansing, Michigan, USA and is the name of a Dj Fony album featuring many collaborators. (spelled with a lowercase "t")
Teeming with amazing artists who put in werk, this album is called "teemwerk"
by Dj Fony December 12, 2011

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