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Blueberry tasting weed that Ludacris tried out before RLD and a little after Chicken-n-Beer. He talks about in his song in the Red Light District album
My bag will put your stuff to shame... I got the Ultimate Mary Jane
by Dj Dirty February 19, 2005
One who eats pussy. A code used for a joke about someone... or not.
Did you know ---- is a lip licker
by Dj Dirty February 19, 2005
A ebonic term for Black 'n' Mild. Usuall used in Mississippi, Central Alabama and Miami
We gettin' some Black Bois and head to Tha ATL this Thursday.
by Dj Dirty April 26, 2005
A group of freestylers who flow about anything. Usually happens when you're in a boring room.
Last week me and my homeboys had a flow session in Mr. Knight's boring ass class
by Dj Dirty February 19, 2005

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