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2 definitions by Dj - Meldar

Usually a donut shaped being who's often tries to bathe in Head 'n' Shoulders in order to get away his ashy skin.

Though rich, an Ojus often procrasturbates situations in order to find a way out.. instead of money.

Once commited to a transgendred lifestyle, Ojus's often find pleasure to keep parts of it's love handles to stick out.
In the dark i found myself trapped inside the exreme heat of an Ojus's Stomach.
by Dj - Meldar May 24, 2010
A "Man" who uses fro hawks to describe his strangly cut pubic hairs, and often, if not mostly.. likes to eject pubes in the air, as a game of some sort.

Favortite hobbies are to masturebate naked on park benches, in front of groups of homeless people. Also enjoys hopscotch.
That Guilherme is such a guilty pleasure, gets my pubes all tight.
by Dj - Meldar May 24, 2010