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Guess Her Muff is an adult Not Safe For Work blog showcasing amateur photos of clothed and nude women.
Visitors to the blog are invited to guess whether a clothed woman has shaved, trimmed, or completely left untouched the pubic hair surrounding her vagina. Below the clothed photo is a link to a nude or partially nude photo of what is supposed to be the same woman. Sometimes however the nude photo is merely of a woman who looks similar to the woman in the clothed photo.

A website displaying nude (sometimes disturbing and disgusting) photos of average, often drunk or high, women both young and old.
Man: Hey dude ever wondered what that librarian looks like naked?

Dude: Yeah man! I bet she's smoking hot!

Man: She's on Guess Her Muff dude. Here take a look.

Dude: Man she looks....gulp...


by Disturbed Viewer August 26, 2011

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