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The fluid released by a male bonjokial elephant during the height of sexual pleasure. It has the consistency and taste of an unsweetened cranberry sauce.
1. i with i could cranmjaculate some god cramnjaculation right now, cuz im hungry.
by Distinguished Ewok July 07, 2004
The yellow elephants indigeonous to the south of france only. During sexual stimulation they release a delecasy known as cranmjaculation. they have become increasingly rare since the year 2001.
1. Mommy, lets go to the zoo and see some Bonjokial Elephants.
by Distinguished Ewok July 07, 2004
1.from besetron, destroyer of culture in the aztec religion
2.a guy who keeps screwing up your life
1. Small pox had a besetronic effect on the native americans.
2.Scott, your influence is pretty besetronic on Freds life.
by Distinguished Ewok July 07, 2004
one who is from, or is related to the nation of kakaro
hello, i am a kakarot, meaning i am from kakaro
by Distinguished Ewok July 07, 2004
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