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Another ridiculous show hosted by the biggest channel for gay kids, Nickelodean. Every single Nick show HAS to be 3 things: teens (which they are trying to show kids so they can be more like them, then everyone laughs at these 12 year olds' asses in school because they want to be like Carly and kiss boys (lol I can imagine that), farts, and animals.

The show itself is pretty terrible if you ask me. They add sound effects and make terrible jokes. Its very boring.

But the band in the other hand, it's not so bad if you think twice. They're songs actually have SOME meaning. Like the "Big Time" song, or the "Wanna Be Famous" song (even though this particular one is incredibly cheesy and annoying). I heard the "City ?is Ours?" song while my sister watches nick, and I have to admit it's actually really catchy lmao.

Band is okay, the show is gay. Nick sucks incredibly huge dick. (That could be a song :D)
Casey: Zomg BTR(big time rush... if you knowwwa) is like the best band ever! And theyre show is so funnnaaayy! ELLL OHH ELLL!!!

Jim: OMG RIGHT? I also love Icarly, Zoey 101, and Icarly, because I LOVE it when they say: "what are you doing?" (automated laughing set to maximum volume) HAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAH.

by Disney Channel+nick suck my August 24, 2010

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