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This name has been given to an anonymous poster who, since the election continually posts hateful anti Obama messages on the DC (and others) Craigslist Rant And Rave message boards. It has been determined that this individual virtually lives on Craigslist and has no life other than posting racist, hate driven remarks about the President and his family 24/7. His posts are vulgar and insulting, often combined with poorly photoshopped pictures of the President as well as his wife in sexual positions featuring homosexual sex, fellatio, fecal matter and the same photoshopped pictures of t shirts, coffee and beer mugs and more all with his same signature message "Not the Brightest But He Sure Is Cunning" along with the picture of the President and a monkey with a light bulb in it's mouth. He often attaches hit counters to his posts as well. He never engages anyone in intelligent conversation but is always quick to throw out profanity usually involving someone's Mother which only indicates his own "Mommy issues". It has been said that he's a grown man who got expelled from community college and lives in his Mother's basement.
Rabid OBAMANAZI spotted on DC Craigslist and he's off his medication again!
by Disgusted By OBAMANAZI January 25, 2010

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