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N. (Simply put) A Christian who talks the talk, then sins the sin.
He didn't even leave the Church yet, not even one step outside, he's cursing up a storm, and eyeing up the ladies. What a HypoChristian.
by Disgruntled Christian June 23, 2011
N. What Prosecutors do to "alleged" child sex offenders, and their families for their kids playing "Doctor," or SEXting and charging them with RAPE, and other crimes. Also applicable to those who never intended to receive said SEXTing messages, and got charged anyway for having child pornography.
That County Prosecutor in the State of "insert pretty much any State name here," Judicially Molested that child and their family because he wanted to advance his career, and did not care of the broader effects of the prosecution.
by Disgruntled Christian June 24, 2011

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