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Hybrid of "Pretend" and "Befriend"

When one is walking by them selves and lonely, To prefriend is to walk close enough to a group of people so that passers by assume you are with the group, but not so close as to make the group think you are following them.

Note: If one actually believes that they are with the group, they are not "Prefriending", they are just Delusional.
To "Prefriend" to be with someone,
One can be "Prefriending" to be with someone.

Person 1: "Hey look at Pete, I didn't know he was friends with the Jocks"
Person 2: "What?...Nah he's not, He's just "Prefriending" to be with them"
Person 1: "Pfft, What a loser"
by Disco Alpingu May 27, 2007
Working really hard on a sum just for the feeling you get once you have solved it.
Guy #1 "OMG what's Elliott doing with his math book?"
Guy #2 "Eww! he's Mathsterbating!"
Guy #1 "So that's why he's sweating so much! Have fun with your Mathsterbation, Freak!"
by Disco Alpingu March 27, 2007
AKA: An Exclusive Slut, an Exclusive Bitch and an Exclusive Hore

An Exclusive is someone, usually a girl, who has done something (or thinks she has done something) that puts her above other ordinary guys and girls. For example they had a minor acting role on a TV show. Exclusive’s are usually anti-social, snobby, have arrogant body language and use phrases like “Eww, go out with you?!?!” and “OMG I am soo above this!”

Please Note: An Exclusive is not to be confused with just anyone who won’t go out with you. They are called a bitch hore mother fucking slut.
Guy #1 - “Hey has that girl that you like, who was on Neighbours added you on myspace yet?”
Guy #2 – “Nah (sigh)”
Guy #1 – “Don’t be too hard on yourself man, she’s an exclusive”

Guy #2 – “Hey, umm, do you wanna go out sometime?”
Exclusive – “Eww, Go out with you?!?!” (as walking away) “OMG I am soo above this!”
by Disco Alpingu March 04, 2007

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