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N is a Brasilian mythical figure. Thought his true origin is not known, he is thought to be a deity, or a superhero, and his visage has even been linked as the Brasilian Patron Saint of Pineapple. He is known by so many names.

He is considered the archetypal male figure in Brasil. He inspires much of the arts in the traditional fashion of a muse, but from a masculine beauty perspective.

His legendary patriotism remains true to his roots and is evident with the incorporation of the Brasilian National Colors of Green and Gold in almost every presentation of his likeness.

One recounting of his tale claims "N" once taught a blind, deaf, dog with Polio to sign in Portuguese, while lip reading in Spanish.
Example 1:
The pineapple did not come into existence until the concept of it came to N in a premonition.

Example 2:
No one can handle the magnitude of that guys abilities. He is invoking N.
by DiscipleofN October 23, 2009

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