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The bestest band EVER.
Too bad Country Dick dropped dead on stage. I can just hear him now.
"Hey, hey, Hey!! Get your dirty boots out of my grave you maggot!"
"Happy Boy" is the new national anthem!
by Disabled Dan January 29, 2005
Question: Why does this town have more homosexuals than any other town in America?
Answer: because Ryan the Bush supporter lives there and all the fellows know he is an easy bottom.
by disabled dan April 04, 2005
Finest kind of cousin-fuckin country.
15,000,000 people, 6 last names.
by Disabled Dan August 25, 2004
They call it a commonwealth because it is not actually a State. And I say let's tighten up immigration laws to keep the Kentucks out. Put up a big fence and throw pig meat over the it so they don't starve to death. Stupid Fucks.
Take a 20 ounce ballpeen hammer and pound your balls flat. That is what living in Kentucky feels like.
by Disabled Dan March 27, 2005
This town is bootcamp for homosexuality.
If you aren't a fudge packer when you arrive you will be soon.
Ryan is a closet case and is an easy bottom.
by disabled dan April 04, 2005

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