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3 definitions by Dis n' Dat

1. The minority of women
2. A minority of women
"There is definitely a vanority in this club tonight"
by Dis n' Dat January 03, 2008
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The physical action of faking like you are jacking off when another person in the room is saying something false, stupid or boring.
"Did you see me Faux-Bating while Mr. Johnson was talking?"
by Dis n' Dat January 02, 2008
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1. The combination of the words Vagina and Cafeteria. Used to describe a girl who has been with a lot of guys on a sexual basis.
2. A girl that loves to recieve oral sex.
"That girl has been with so many guys, she's like a Vaginateria"
by Dis n' Dat January 02, 2008
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