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To be absolutely crazy, also u like boners in your ass.
Tim's roommate is so sheed when he get behind another guy
by Dirty Jobs December 02, 2007
Butt licker; Someone who licks the anus and crusty poo from another human or animal as a sexual act.

ME: Damn did you hear that Kruger threw down some intensive BL on that whale.

JOHN: NO WAY!! I didn't even think that was possible on her.

ME: Yeah! and he said he found a corn kernel caught in the ass hair

by Dirty Jobs July 17, 2008
The nickname of a very sexy man from MSU. this man has a huge dick and loves to show it to everyone he meets.
Everyone at the party was mad at dirty jobs because he took all the girls and had sex with all of them in 10 minutes.
by Dirty Jobs December 02, 2007
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