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An all-girls, Catholic high school in Richmond. Here, young ladies are able to be successful academically, artistically, and athletically without their mommies and daddies having to pay an insane amount of money for a wonderful education. Many of these “dirty Gerties”, a name which used to be offensive but now is embraced by the entire student community, live the good life in high school, especially when attending parties, where they always making sure that their presence is well known. They can drink any other girl under the table, including the young men.. er women? of Saint Catherine’s.
Their uniforms consist of a green, plaid skirt, brown tie shoes, and a white Oxford blouse. These simple uniforms are a favorite among all men, except those at Saint Christopher’s due to their homosexual nature and their repulsive attraction to the fugly Saint Catherine’s girls.
Their brother school down the street, Benedictine, is an all boys military school that specializes in dominating over any other school, especially when it comes to basketball.
Dirty Gertie #1: What if you went to Saint Catherine’s?
Dirty Gertie #2: I’d hang myself.

Saint Catherine’s Girl #1: OMG my daddy just like TOTALLY bought me this bitchin’ new car that I don’t need but had to have, another North Face, and Kate Spade. Too bad he’s bangin’ my boyfriend from Saint Chris…
Saint Catherine’s Girl #2: Ya too bad… O well! Let’s go pop a couple Aderol, suck down as much Starbucks and cock as we can, and see if we can get any bigger egos to compensate for the lack of what we can offer to the world. Want to?
Saint Catherine’s Girl #3: Screw that! I’m up for a party where we can all get real drunk off of two beers or a glass of wine
Saint Catherine’s Girl #1: OMG that’ll like TOTALLY cheer me up. Maybe if we’re lucky, some guy will get hammered enough to hook up with us or maybe we can get like a roofie and pretend we don’t remember.
Saint Catherine’s Girl #2: That’s be SO awesome. Or better yet, why don’t we just go dome on the tennis court like we usually do?
Saint Catherine’s Girl #3: Ummm… we have to wait on that... My dad and my boyfriend are out there right now.
by Dirty Gertie January 24, 2005
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