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Noun: sex act involving two men wherein one penis is inserted into the other. In order to attain this penial equilibrium, one penis may be subjected to colder climates, thereby causing shrinkage and allowing for ease of slippage of the smaller appendage into the entrance of the larger appendage. To not leave the non-polar penis out of any physical enjoyment (Pain? Open to your own interpretation), the sheath in which the sword will be placed must have the opening stretched as far as possible without any tears or tears (Liquid tears are ok; act as lubricant, but the wordplay would work without including it) When everything is in its right place, enjoy your attempts to escape the Chinese Finger Trap
1: Dude, wanna experiment?
2: Why do you have a bucket of ice and rubber gloves?
1: If I answered your one question would you take my word for it that it's fun and kinky and just trust me?
2: Sure...
1: Chinese FInger Trap!
2: That doesn't sound to painful...
by Dirk Sphincter January 10, 2010

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