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When you take loose scrotum skin and bunch it in your hand. The result resembles a soft brainy tissue.
Sabe's took his scrot skin and made brain matter of it, which he then played with for several hours.
#scrotum #brain #matter #scrot #skin #bunch
by Dill Nut August 07, 2008
Refers to the act of male masturbates clean up, instead of opting for the tradition 'jizz rag' a man may simply choose to rub his man sauce into your stomach and falls asleep. The next morning the solidified semen is simply peeled off and dispose of.
Kyle did the Lazy Dill last night while his roommate slept, Kyle is a triflin.
#masterbate #clean #cleanup #rub #peel #jizz #semen
by Dill Nut August 07, 2008
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