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A funny saying, should only be said at the right time..
oh yea top this, Old enough to crap old enough to tap
#funny saying #just wrong #disturbing #awful #level 3
by diggitty March 07, 2011
just a funny saying. only to be used at th.e right time.
how bout, old enough to shit old enough to hit
#funny saying #awful #clever remark #level 3 #speechless
by Diggitty March 07, 2011
When you find a nasty lil slut, that you only want fuck and nothing more..
I saw this cute lil druken slut last night at the club, I was drunk as fuck, and she was all over me. I did the only sane thing a horny guy would do. I did the old "fuck it & chuck it".. Never saw that bitch again!!!!
#slut #one night stand #booty call #drunken sex #mercy fuck #some strange
by Diggitty April 20, 2011
When you are eating out some slut, going between her asshole and her cooter, and you want to do a lil teasing. Get her even more worked up you focus only on her taint.
I was going down on this hottie working her like a champ, juices were flying. Going between her brown eye and va jj. Just to get even more in the mood I did the "taint focus" trick.
#brown eye #twat licking #eating out #going down town #taint licking
by Diggitty April 20, 2011
When you have to pee so bad, and when you finally urinate its better than a orgasim!
I had to pee so bad, when I finally did it felt awesome. I had a peegasim
#urine #pee #piss #urination #orgasim #stream
by Diggitty December 20, 2012
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