2 definitions by Dig'Em Sixstringslave

Referring to one's crooked and/or chipped teeth that have excessive plaque build-up and/or look as if they are brushed with butter.
Yo, did you see that girl's jibs!?
by Dig'Em Sixstringslave November 08, 2009
A person who walks close to you and sucks down your good air with there nonsense or just a complete moron.
Jorge: Dude, I was working today and this girl was trying to talk to me!

Jeremy: Oh my God dude, I CAN'T believe she was being such a Jub Jub to you. The nerve of people now a days.

Steve: Why is Kieth pouring milk down grandma's stoma?

Holly: Because his brain has been completely jub jubbed to the point of no return.
by Dig'Em Sixstringslave November 08, 2009

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