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Not having any credits on Facebook to purchase "gifts"
I was going to get you a gift, but I'm Facebroke. Happy Birthday anyway.
#facebook #gift #birthday #broke #present
by Diesel Darryl September 14, 2009
The unfortunate state of arousal in male ice skaters/dancers from either A) vigorously fondling himself or B) grinding erotically with an ungodly flexible partner.
1) Did you see the way Brian Boitano was rubbing himself during his ice dance last night? He HAD to get skater wood.

2) Damn, if I had my hand in Tanith's crotch like that during that routine, I would definitely pop skater wood.
#skater #dancing #ice #wood #erection #tanith #boitano
by Diesel Darryl March 06, 2010
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