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The equivalent of the knights of European history. Hired swords who fight for Feudal Lords during wars and the such. Wields a Katana and sometimes a Wakazachi for backup; these swords are of high quality and passed down through many generations, unlike the ninja-to's that ninjas wield. Use a style of swordfighting called Kenpo, in which many different forms with super sweet names exist. It's a shame that ninjas are so much cooler.
person1: yo check out that samurai cutting people up.
person2: yo check out that ninja behind him that he hasn't noticed yet.
person1: woah i totally didnt notice him.
person2: i only noticed him cuz im asian.
by Dierdre Chou April 06, 2006
Smoetimes is the word you use when you're about to use the word sometimes twice in a sentence but you feel the sentence needs an added bit of variety. Sentence "flair" is one way to describe it. It's purely for aesthetic reasons.
kauhornz: i hate family guy it's so awful
sonofashrub: its funny sometimes and smoetimes its not that great
by Dierdre Chou April 16, 2006
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