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LSBA (Lame bullshit artist) A bullshit artist who bullshit is so lame that it makes them transparent and you can see through them. The Artist in question will stubbornly defend their bullshit and try to get you to believe it no matter how lame, ridiculous, and absurd it is. At times they will begin to believe their own bullshit make them seem completely retarded. The fact their even trying to bullshit you with such lame excuse just make them seem sad, pathetic and lowers your opinion of them.

Perfect example - Harold I think the world is coming to end but every body know I'm bullshitting camping.
You: "Steve since you been to Maryland what is the capital?"

Steve: "The capital is Washington DC."

You: "Have you even been there before?"

Steve: "I really been there a few times."

You: "Steve your lousy lire and LBSA."

You: "Hey Steve what were you doing with my girl friend? I heard lots of giggling and moaning?"

Steve : "We were just playing cards."

You: "Your so full of shit. You were playing cards for two hours while giggling and moaning? What were you playing strip poker? Your such a Bullshit artist and a lame one at that."
by Diener Dontai August 12, 2011

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