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78 definitions by Diddims

One of the Celtic people of Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man. Or anybody living in the Scottish Highlands, Isle of Man, and the west of Ireland that speaks one of the Gaelic languages: Gaeilge (Irish), Gàidhlig (Scottish Gaelic), and Gaelg (Manx Gaelic).
Tha na Gàidhlean gu bhith air falbh. Tha sinn 'nar beagchuid 'nar dùthaich fhèin. O, mallaich na Sasannaich air dèanamh seo thugainn! Mallaich na Frangaich air dèanamh seo gu na Ceiltich na Breatainn Bheag!

Tha 'n teine nam Ceilteach 'marbhadh, mar sin nan t-Sìthiche...

(The Gaels are almost gone. We are minorities in our own countries. O, curse the English for doing this to us! Curse the French for doing this to the Celts of Brittany!

The fire of the Celts is dying, like that of the Elves...)
by Diddims March 28, 2005
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An undergarment, first coming to view in the Rennaissance, that women have worn to mangle their natural body into the shape of an hourglass: corsets pinched the waist in, pushed the breasts up, and rearranged the spine and abdominal organs.

The corset used to be made of whalebone for support, but it now comes in a variety of fabrics.

Women have had many health problems and have died from the restrictive, impractical corset; many homes in the Victorian era had fainting rooms for women who had been laced up too tightly.

Nowadays, the corset is popular among the gothic crowd and has become a symbol of erotica.
-"Do I have to wear this corset? I can hardly breathe."
-"This is a period film; yes, you have to wear the corset."
-"This thing hurts like hell! Are you crazy?"
by Diddims April 16, 2005
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An old interrogation and torture device: basically a set of tongs with two pairs of big claws.

Red-hot or ice-cold, they tore to shreds the breasts of countless women who were convicted of heresy, adultery, self-induced abortion, erotic white magic, or some other crime.

Often, one breast of an unmarried mother would be subjected to this agony.
“'Are they ready?!' one of the women called over to the oven. 'Ready!' a burly, middle-aged man answered, wielding a pair of breast rippers! The torturers stood and watched with glee!

The red-hot pinchers jabbed deep into the flesh of the right breast of Britney Spears, searing her. She squawked like a parrot as the man suddenly yanked the tongs away! The implant fell away as the breast tore, the sac bursting on the stone floor!"
by Diddims March 25, 2005
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A loose, dress-like undergarment worn by women under dresses and skirts. Also called a slip.
Spring is here; gone are the layers and heavier dress fabrics of winter, replaced by light chemise dresses.
by Diddims March 24, 2005
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A striped jungle cat, the largest member of the cat family. Endangered. Their natural habitat and food in and around India is decreasing and more than laws to protect them are needed for these undeniably viscious but remarkable creatures.
Tigers do not eat cereal, unlike a certain cartoon tiger named Tony.

Tigers might look cute... but a smaller the version, the tabby, is a better way to go as far as pets are concerned.
by Diddims March 05, 2005
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A long-gone but once powerful family in Hungary. The height of the Báthory clan was in the 1500s and 1600s. Thought to be closely inbred, as most royalty and nobility in those days, brighter family members like King Stephan Báthory of Poland were eclipsed by more brutal members. Devil worshippers, perverts, sadists, witches, and mentally unstable characters.

Countess Elizabeth (Erzébet) Báthory (1560-1614) was the worst of them. Mentally ill, promiscuous, vain, narcissistic and highly sadistic, Elizabeth was the inspirationn behind Count Dracula.

Elizabeth enjoyed torturing servants, especially if they were young women and attractive. As she grew older, she feared losing her youth and her so-called "beauty"... according to folklore a servant girl accidently pulled her hair while styling it and Elizabeth struck the girl across the face so hard that she drew blood, which got onto her hands. When she'd washed the blood off, in her twisted mind, she thought that her skin had regained its freshness and youthful suppleness where the blood had splashed. And the rest is history.

Scores of peasant girls, and later, noble girls of lower rank than the countess, were mercilessly tortured, ranging from weeks to months, and killed in the most painful and frightening ways. Elizabeth never missed out on the torure and death of her victims, delighting in soaking up their blood. Killing girls of nobility began her downfall. She was never charged, sadly, and was walled up inside her small room in 1611, where she died in 1614. Sufficient punishment? I think not. Her accomplices, however, were punished as badly as the maidens that they tortured.
"...a twelve year old girl named Pola somehow managed to escape from the castle. But Dorottya Szentes (Elizabeth's friend and alleged witch) aided by Ilona Jó (Elizabeth's nurse maid and governess from her childhood), caught the frightened girl by surprise and brought her forcibly back to Castle Csejthe. Clad only in a long white robe, Countess Erzsébet greeted the girl upon her return. The countess was in another of her rages. She advanced on the twelve-year-old child and forced her into a kind of cage. This particular cage was built like a huge bell, too narrow to sit in, too low to stand in. Once the girl was inside, the cage was suddenly hauled up by a pulley, and dozens of short spikes jutted into the cage. Pola tried to avoid being caught on the spikes, but Gyorgy Thurzo maneuvered the ropes so that the cage shifted from side to side. Pola's flesh was torn to pieces..."

by diddims March 11, 2005
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A formal title or an affectionate term for a woman. Synonym for wife. As in Madame, or Signora, or Mistress.
"And now my burden, it gives me pain...
For my Lord Franklin, I'd sail the main...
Ten-thousand pounds I would freely give
To know Lord Franklin and where he is..."
-Lady Jane Franklin, her lament for her husband, Sir John Franklin, who disappeared on an expedition.

"But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? ...It is my lady, O it is my love!" -Romeo, Romeo and Juliette.
by Diddims March 06, 2005
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