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78 definitions by Diddims

Cute little race of people who exist in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy. Tiny in stature (adults standing three to four feet tall); rather plump in body; with big, hairy feet; pointy ears; long, curly hair on their heads; and infectuous enthusiasm for life and won't turn down a good party or open displays of affection. Their natural habitat is the Shire, although , some have moved elsewhere.
The Elves, pretty; Humans, also nice to look at... but the Hobbits! They're so cuuuuuute! I just want hug them! ...but I'm afraid that I'd strangle them.
by Diddims March 25, 2005
121 74
From the Gaelic "bàrd". A poet, musician, and entertainer. Also called a "minstrel" in some circles. Known through Latin as a "troubadour".
Strumming his lute, the bard sang of a tragic hero's love for a fair maiden, inciting fawning from the ladies of the court.
by Diddims April 01, 2005
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A person who writes poetry. The archaic term for a female poet is "poetess", but due to some feminists concidering the term sexist, "poetess" isn't used much now.

Also known as a bard (straight from the Gaelic "bàrd"), or troubador(from Latin and French), and especially known as these things in the Midieval Era.
'S e bàrd a th'annam (It is a poet that I am).
by Diddims March 26, 2005
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To be lazy, sluggish. Often spending one's life in bed, sleeping one's life away.

What fun!
Je suis léthargique. J'aime le sommeil.
by Diddims March 30, 2005
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A traditionally feminine garment, consisting of a bodice and a skirt. Dresses range from transparent, risqué, low-cut bodices and mini-skirts up to high collars, long sleeves, and skirts that trail on the floor, sometimes accompanied by a head covering.
From Clueless:

"Mel: 'What the hell is that'?
Cher: 'A dress'.
Mel: 'Says who'?
Cher: 'Calvin Klein'."

Looks like underwear to me!

Why do women walk around half-nude and men don't do that? You don't see men wearing shorts to the office like women often wear mini-skirts to work.
by Diddims March 24, 2005
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AKA. "Cat's Paw". This was an old torture device consisting of four claws the size of human fingers on a handle. Used in Spain and elsewhere in Europe, the torturer would run the claws over the victim's face, chest, groin, buttocks, legs, anywhere. The flesh would be shredded, with noses, ears, breasts, nipples, genitals, anything, torn off.
The Spanish Tickler raked over the victim's chest, ripping the flesh, exposing the ribs.
by Diddims March 28, 2005
52 21
1) Brave, strong.

2) (Of body) having a plump, ample body.
"She was 5'7'' and of a rather stout build, with blue eyes and a fine head of hair that reached almost to her waist."
by diddims March 23, 2005
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