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78 definitions by Diddims

A prostitute. Usually, prostitutes are females, but plenty of males are also prositutes.

Hookers sell their bodies to a variety of people, from unassuming men to really freaky characters. Just imagine having sex with half a dozen strange men each day for money it's not a pleasant thought.

And prostitutes don't have sex for money because they like it; it's about the money.

Hookers range from the chic call girl, who has control over the situation, to the lowly streetwalker, who is vulnerable to attack.

And remember: use a condom if you're with a prostitute, unless you want clamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, AIDS, hepatitis, syphilis, or other *charming* diseases.
"Oh God, put some clothes on! ... And I don't want to see your underwear! You look like a hooker." Moi thinking about Britney Spears, a reknowned porn star.
by Diddims April 07, 2005
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A person composed largely of plastic. A blonde bimbo who is famous for no apparant reason other than producing a shitty, pathetic excuse for music, "dressing" in almost nothing, flipping the bird to anybody for no apparant reason, getting implants and a nose job and lying about them, lying about herself in general, being a hypocrite, and being just about the biggest fraud yet.

For some infuriating reason, she' still in the spotlight and we still can't get her out of it. And even worse, children look up to her. She could not seem to make up her mind about the matter: "I only want to be a role model for my sister," or "I want to be a role model, someone everyone can relate to!"

Does she even know what a role model is? She's a feminist's (and anybody's) worst nightmare.

And the correct spelling of her name is supposed to be "Brittany".
"Just hit me baby one more time!"

Don't tempt us, Britney! Oi, I swear, this
tramp is really asking for it! C'mon people, just look at her! -She's a talentless, moronic slut! She can't sing and her "dancing" and whole "act" is practically a striptease! Why should anybody admire this freak, let alone children?!
by Diddims March 03, 2005
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Sexually Transmitted Infection/Illness

Another way to say STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease)

Is usually tranmitted through vaginal sex, oral sex, and anal sex, but can be transmitted through breast milk, blood transfuisions, and shared drug needles, among other things.
STIs are so much fun! ...Not! Chlamydia, an clap silteach(Gonorrhea), Syphillis, breac bhoiceannach (Herpes), lionnachadh-grùthain (Hepatitis), an galar seirge (HIV), is that really worth sex without a condom? Throw you life away with one little fling?
by diddims March 19, 2005
39 49
A doll by another name, differing from a doll by being designed for tough, aggressive, "masculine" situations. Used by males to disguise their insecurity with being associated with traditionally "feminine" things. Just like a kilt is not caled a "skirt".
"Action figure"? What does that mean anyway? Is it an active thing? What does it mean? Call it what you like it, but any way that you look at it, an "action figure" is a doll by another name; "That which we call a rose/By any other word would smell as sweet."-Juliet, Romeo and Juliet
by Diddims November 11, 2006
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Foreign, unusual, unique. Usually directed at something fresh, new, different, and cool.
A language like English or Spanish will come to a point where they are pretty much same-old, same-old, and no longer exotic. The minority languages in Europe, the Middle-East, Asia, and the like, are quite exotic.

Tha mi 'ciallachadh, an smaoinicheadh sibh gu bheil na Ceiltich cànanan coimheach? Gaeilge? Gàidhlig? Gaelg? Cymrig? Kernowek? Breizh? Smaoinichinn cho.
by Diddims March 28, 2005
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A "skirt" that might as well be made from two dish towels; mini skirts rarely go lower than mid-thigh and are often ride low on the hips.

Harlots, like Britney Spears, are known to wear them.

Mini skirts are not for modest ladies.
What's the point of a mini-skirt? It won't cover you up or provide protection from the cold.

Wearing a mini-skirt and tank top seems to send the message, wether the wearer likes it or not, "I'm a hooker. Take me now."
by Diddims April 07, 2005
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Range from boxer shorts to briefs to thongs/g-strings. Worn and enjoyed by both sexes.

Often used to keep the ankles warm.
There's nothing wrong with my panties, but I don't wear hip-huggers and show off my underwear!
by Diddims March 25, 2005
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