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4 definitions by DickVanDice

The act of ramming your finger deep into your ass, then stuffing that finger into someone else's ear.

The Brown Billy is the more hardcore version of the Wet Willy.
Todd was acting like a real bitch, so I gave him a Brown Billy.
by DickVanDice January 03, 2012
A sexual act or maneuver that involves demanding a girl to remove her blouse then proceeding to jerk off on her. Once you've climaxed, a proper Homeland is completed by immediately going to sleep on the floor.
Marcus asked, "Yo, did you bang that blonde headed girl you were talking to at the bar last night?" Vinny replied, "Nah, she was on her high horse all night and needed to be dropped down a few pegs so I brought her back to my place and hit her with The Homeland instead.
by dickvandice November 15, 2013
The act of wearing army fatigues, camouflage face paint and a combat helmet while whacking off to porn at maximum volume to simulate the sensation of masturbating in the middle of a violent war zone.
I came home from church this morning and went Full Metal Jack Off on my horn.
by dickvandice October 25, 2013
A white guy's black girlfriend.
Marcus asked, "Did you guys meet Harry The Bull's Cave Bitch?" Dunstan replied, "Sure did. I never knew Harry The Bull had jungle fever?"
by dickvandice September 25, 2013