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A prostitute,from the cockney slang BRASS NAIL,meaning TAIL,tail being a slang name for a prostitute
i need a shag,might go and get myself a Brass
by Dick nasty November 02, 2003
A word often used by Cockneys,Mockneys 'suvvern' lads and Geezers to describe a 'fit bird'
Oi,John,now SHE is a right Sort!
by Dick nasty November 02, 2003
a penis with cocaine on top of it
Heather loved brian's snowy frenchfry, she such a coke head!
by Dick Nasty July 08, 2005
The act of tucking one's testicles and shaft behind one's legs and then closing one's legs to create an appearence of a "Mangina."
When my girlfriend's mother walked in on us, I swiftly slipped into
Mangina-Form to avoid shame.
by Dick Nasty March 14, 2003
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