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Let me be clear that the term "beaner" does NOT apply to all mexicans/latinos. A hardworking mexican man who illegally crossed here to work hard and send money to their family back is not a beaner. Though they do mow lawns and perform a variety of other manual labor jobs, they are much more respectable than the beaners/spics that come to this country and live with their mothers who live off welfare checks. Beaners are pieces of scum who:
1. Sag their pants
2. Threaten to fight you like a man, but really mean, "come at me ese me and me and all my homies will fuck you up puto".
3. Wear bandanas to represent their homosexual gangs that they are a part of. Popular homosexual beaner gangs include but are not limited to: The Latin Kings, La Marasalvatrucha (MS- thirteen dicks up the ass), Mexican Mafia (technically beaner mafia), The 18th street gang, named for the eighteen gangbangs they hold every week, and many other faggy beaner gangs.
4. Have never opened a book.
5. Consider graffiti art
6. Think they are tough when in reality, they are too scared to fight you one on one and must call on their piece of filth "homies" to help them out in a fight.
7. Make the Catholic church look bad by thinking that it is ok to commit acts of robbery and murder while wearing a rosary or crucifix around their necks because it is part of "la raza".
Mike: Look at that beaner mowing that lawn.
Shawn: That's not a beaner, that thing over there is. (points to some retard on the corner in front of a liquor store trying to act hard)

Dan: Sigh... after meeting this Asian girl's parents, we can't go out anymore because her parents think I'm a beaner.
Kevin: Dudeee, do they know what a beaner is?
Dan: Apparently not :(

Look at that beaner showing off his fake Nike shoes that he probably bought from kmart after begging his mommy for a few bucks.

Beaner: Ay foo orale guey viva la raza homes, sur side for life ese!
Mexican: Were you dropped on your head? Does "sur side" mean going down on another man?
Beaner: Simon ese...
by Dick Feynman September 29, 2012

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