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Allowing a friend to pass out drunk, then shaving his eyebrows and super gluing the hair to his cock.
Lenny: "You look like hell. What happened last night?"

Bill: "I passed out, so the guys gave me a hairy woodpecker."
#hairy #woodpecker #drunk #shaving #eyebrows
by Dick B. Long June 10, 2010
The act of applying hot sauce to the outside condom during sexual intercourse, then sticking it in your girlfriend's anus. *Note: For safety reasons, always use a condom when performing the Ring of Fire to prevent serious bodily injury.*
Joe: I can't believe I caught Tiffany cheating on me with Ben Roethlisberger again.
Bill: Did you finally break up with her?
Joe: No, I'm waiting to give her the Ring of Fire tonight.
#hot sauce #condom #ben roethlisberger #ring #fire
by Dick B. Long June 10, 2010
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