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untamed hair on a goofy guy
my ex-boyfriends hair
by diane February 21, 2005
In NY, it's $5.15. Our dear Govenor Pataki refused to sign a bill that could've raised it to $7.15 an hour, forgetting about the poor single parents who have to pay bills/rent/other expenses.
Instead of the people in Congress giving themselves raises, they need to think about the poor people.
by Diane November 29, 2004
Something that people put in their definitions, regardless of whether the word they're linking to is actually in the database or not.
is not a form of punctuation. You people should seriously know how to use these by now.
by Diane October 31, 2004
Slave of caucasian descent who loves and is loved by liz, diane, frank, & benny. TRIES to be mexican by eating Taco Bell.
Brobbie's are sold for 5 cents each.
by Diane June 19, 2004
1. Noun: Blonde_stares, typically found in a yahoo chat room, unreliable, not very trust worthy, easily fooled if you claim your name is diane but are infact a david. 2. Noun: See Fool or Idiot
3. Pronoun: dipshit, wanna-be, loser, fooled very easily
femmdyke_1: no brent I dont have cheri on ignore, its only her new attitude since she got a new mistress that I dont like ;)
by Diane January 31, 2005
It was made when some Townie people couldn't be bothered to say You alright? So UIAAT was born.
One townie said to another : uiaat?
He said back : What the fuck are you on mate?
by Diane July 08, 2004
From the melodrama, 'The emperor's new clothes'. Meaning: amazingly big and bold.
My new castle will be grand spectaculificent!
by Diane September 01, 2004

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