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Music without taste. Mostly auto-tuned and basically not real. Most girls seem to be obsessed with him, even though he is terrible at the only job he has to do-make music. And even when he fakes it (which is all the time) it still sounds awful.
(Horrible music playing in background)
Peter: Oh Jesus! What is this filth?
Daughter: O-M-G how do u not like dis music. This is well sick.
Peter: But it's not Bowie?
Daughter: Who?
Peter: You are no daughter of mine.
Daughter: O-M-G dad! It's Justin Bieber.

(Whilst i'm writing this, the word 'Bieber' has a squiggly red line underneath it. However unfair this world, there is atleast some satisfaction in that).
by Diamond-Manizzle August 03, 2013
Only seeing in one direction.
Oblivious to other views and opinions.
Person 1: Homosexuality is wrong!
Person 2: But they've found love, surely if two people find...
Person 1: (Interrupts) IT'S WRONG!

Example of someone being One Eyed
by Diamond-Manizzle February 23, 2014
1.) What most cats seem to be into.
2.) What dogs are like when they're dinner bowl is empty.
3.) What humans call the point of their life when they realise they can't be want they want to be or when they realise half their life is gone and the rest of their life involves tea, coffee and hospitals.
Damn, Stephen is in a real mid-life crisis, he dresses up everyday as a Bowie alter ego, look at him now, a bloody thin white duke.
by Diamond-Manizzle August 05, 2013
When you are producing words for a song (or something like that) and you all of a sudden lack any quality in your lyrics or genuinely can't think of any, this is called a lyric stump and it is a very common problem among all types of musicians, and some solutions involve:
Listening to Music
Reading something
Painting or looking at other paintings
You get the idea.

This will often happen if you are changing how you are singing about something and/or what you are singing about.
An example of a lyric stump:
He knocks on Satan's door
Delivers whom he bore
And...And..err...Damn it! I was getting somewhere with this!
by Diamond-Manizzle August 02, 2013
Those evil looking things you see on the ceiling. On occasions you will see a gnat, get real close to so you can kill it, and then suddenly realise it's a moth! This is all part of the Gnats plan...It will now stick his menacing probe in any part of your body and you won't even realise.
Whilst you are chilling out listen to some David Bowie:

Peter: Have you heard Beauty And The Beast yet? It's in the Heroes album.
Stephen: AGHHHHHH!!!!!!
Peter: What is it?
Stephen: It's a gnat!!!! Get under the covers quick!
Peter: (heroically) No don't worry, I shall exterminate it!
Stephen: Oh you hero!
Peter: No, wait it's a moth.
by Diamond-Manizzle August 02, 2013
A thumbs Down is a way of showing displeasure of something. It does not necessarily involve using your very own thumbs. But more of a virtual dislike.

It doesn't always involve similar things on different social networking sites or websites. On some websites it just means "I did not enjoy that" or "There's is a problem with it". But, on Urban Dictionary it means "Where is the penis?" or "Not sexual enough".
Whilst some perverted 50-year old is on this website, he is looking for a cheap thrill in what 'tea-bagging' means. So he types it in, but contrary to what he wants he sees:

Tea Bagging:
The act of putting a teabag in a mug (Requires placement and desire for tea).

You get a Thumbs Down from him.
No wonder
by Diamond-Manizzle August 05, 2013

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